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Halle Berry - Fashion Star

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Halle Berry is considered to be a glamorous fashion icon in Hollywood. For most critics, she is always seen looking perfectly in style and always knows what works best for her. She always has a fabulous taste in clothing, and also has a knack of knowing what best hairdo and jewelry to use and wear to enhance her chosen outfit. Halle Berry is famous for her pixie style short haircut. Halle has naturally wavy hair, so when she wears her haircut really short, she shows off a messy, sexy and fun hair style. This is perfect for wavy hair, but can also be copied by straight hair when a flat iron is used. If you want to copy her hairdo, then you should: have your hair cut to a pixie with razor cut ends. Make sure you use a moisturizing shampoo with deep conditioner. Towel dry your hair to remove the excess moisture. Make sure you blowdry your hair in different sections from the bottom up. You can even use hair clips to divide off the hair layers as you blow dry. Use a cream pomade to have a textured look, and then finally apply a very light coat of hair spray. Halle is also famous for her fantastic style in jewelry. She wears sophisticated gowns with understated jewelry, making sure that her glamorous gown is still the spotlight. During the Catwoman premiere, she wore gold rings, gold bangles and tiny blue and gold earrings that were a perfect match for her dress. During Gothika premiere, she chose to wear a low cut, figure hugging tangerine gown, making sure she did not wear big gaudy jewelry to highlight her outfit.

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