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Lucky Star Summer Uniform Helps You Show Eccentric Cuteness

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Undeniably, Japanese school uniforms lead a special trend on the fashion stage to form a tasteful aesthetic tendency. Lucky Star Summer uniform and winter uniform sets a classic pattern with respect to school uniform fashion rooted in Japanese culture. Lucky Star was something of a smash hit when it came out among both Japanese and Western fans alike. Therefore, today's Cosplay Sunday entry gets to pay homage to this still popular anime franchise. Then get some inspirations from cosplay trend with Lucky Star Summer Uniform! As we know Japanese high school uniform gives us a nice vision - still curve-flattering but formally cute for a distinctive vigorous look. This does make sense on Lucky Star summer uniform. This uniform is spotted with a nice white and deep blue shirt as well as a blue skirt. The rich blue details cover the exaggerated square collar as well as the cuffs of short sleeves. The shutter styled pleated knee length skirt sees also white linear details to echo the upper look. Also there is a bright yellow bow tie as the spotlight to accent the cute look. Usually, there is a pair of white knee high stockings and a pair of matching shoes to finish the look. The intriguing storyline of the Lucky Star revolves around the main four characters: Konata Izumi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami hiiragi, and Miyuki Takata. Konata Izumi, or "Kona-Chan" for short, is kind of by default the leader of the main gaggle of girls, despite her being the shortest of the lot by more than a fair margin. Kind of eccentric but balanced out by being both friendly and outgoing, this girl can be more than a little mischievous and is blessed with quite a good sense of humor. Many Lucky Star fans really love this girl, who is smart but always occupied with video game and likes to study only before the exam. As such, Konata is the queen of all-nighters, something her grades tend to show up more often than not. Her comic friendship with other three main characters, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi, Miyuki Takata, seems gives off an intriguing storyline of this series. However, every role is designed to embody vivid richness in personality and appearances. Thus there comes endless fun for wearing the Lucky Star summer uniform to be one of them.

Upturn in The Economy Shows Small Growth in Mens Fashion This Summer

Saturday, September 15, 2012

A recent Drapers article has been released and has shown some very interesting findings. G-Star Raw has been the most popular brand in terms of best selling. This is a surprise to economists who have predicted tough times for the Dutch super-brand, due to lack of disposable income in the young adult sector - the target market of the brand. G-Star is followed by Luke 1977 and Diesel which seem to indicate that there has been an increase in consumer confidence, with them now buying higher ticket items. This could be seen as 'light at the end of the tunnel' with consumer spending having fallen over the last 2.5 years due to the global financial crisis which has hit the UK particularity hard due to the importance of its financial sector. The best sell-through mens designer brands this year are Luke, G-Star, Adidas Originals, Duck and Cover and firetrap. Maintaining a strong sell-through is vital for retailers to ensure they are not over stocked. Overstocking will cause a problem with cash flow if not enough stock is cleared during the season with new stock arriving that will need to be paid for. As to be expected, the most popular selling category items were seasonal wear. The drapers article shows that the most popular types of clothing were polo t-shirts and t-shirts. Although these items sell all year round, the summer sees stronger sales than the winter. The biggest surprise this season has been the popularity of mens chinos. They have come from nowhere and have absolutely taken the UK by storm. The seasons in product has flown off the shelves with strong sales reporting showing them almost neck-and-neck with denim sales. This trend looks to continue into Autumn/Winter 2011 and beyond. But why have chinos performed so well in these tough economic times? Well, they have risen from the ashes. They are no longer straight leg, clean cut and what your Granddad would wear. They have been transformed. Elasticated cuffs, drop crotch, and pocket twist all have given chinos a new edgy look. They have received exposure from X-Factor with boy band One Direction seen wearing them. The figures themselves also look to be showing promise, with 54% of retailers polled saying they have better figures than last year, with 31% saying the same, and only 15% saying they have worse figures. These are encouraging signs for a fragile industry despite the cost of cotton constantly rising; perhaps it is not all doom and gloom for the retail industry. Source: Drapers Magazine- August 26th 2011 Menswear page. Daniel Mazurek (Marketing Manager) - Bridge55 offering a wide range of G-Star Jeans. Bridge55 is a bricks and mortar retailer and also an online retailer. Having been trading for almost 10 years, Bridge55 have an established yet growing loyal customer base that stretches to all corners of the globe. Bridge55 are at the forefront of cutting edge fashion and aspire to become the market leaders of the future.

Hollywood Fashion Industry - Fall Trends

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The American Hollywood fashion industry during 1950s' largely made use of celebrities to market the innovative trends and some of the world renowned fashion icons of this period were Marilyn Monroe, Ricky Nelson and Elvis Presley. Costume design in Hollywood fashion industry is one of the most important categories nowadays for different awards like the Academy Awards. It takes creativity and patience to work with a whole Fashion Shopping wardrobe and fashion sense for a film. It established an identification point between the actors and the public. Among these the biggest influence on men and women alike were Hollywood stars and who are inspired from Hollywood fashion industry. Fashion industry use bright baggy clothes and use of make-up. We all love Fashion Shopping to shop for clothes and accessories. Going into those casually stores and browsing through a many of beautiful clothes is a treat for the eyes and the soul Hollywood fashion industry. These days there is a huge variety of clothes and apparels available in other words there is something for everybody for Fashion Shopping. Hence whether you are thin or fat, young or old, fair or dark; you will get a wide variety of choices in styles and clothes. Models in the 21st Century are more a part of the Fashion Shopping. The Hollywood film The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep, has brought a lot of attention to the world of Hollywood fashion industry. More information about Prada Versace Gianni Versace became interested in fashion shopping working in his mother's small dress shop. By 1978 he had become a design leader of women's and men's fashions. So when you are linked to a line or a designer it raises your profile and puts you more in demand. And the exposure Hollywood fashion industry models receive is now greater than ever. Ford's path to fashion legend began when he moved to the New York as a teenager, and enrolled at the NYU in Art History. In 1986 Ford started his career with famous American designer Cathy Hardwick as a part of her creative staff; two years later, he became the Design Director for Perry Ellis. In 1985, they took part in a fashion show featuring "New Talent", and the following year they presented their first independent women's ready-to-wear show. There are plenty of places online where you can buy good quality fashion shopping on discount comforter sets by named brands. These stores don't have such high overheads as your local stores and can take advantage of volume of clothes to offer you the best possible prices for your choice.

Rock Star Fashion 101

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Have you ever wanted to be a rockstar like Chris Cornell, Bono, or Dave Grohl? Of course you have. Who doesn't? Rock stars have lifestyles that most people envy. They have everything a guy could want-fame, wheels, and swooning girls. You already have your own rockstar band but you still do not have a group of adoring fans. Maybe you still have not considered one very important thing that makes rockstars popular among the female population-the rockstar fashion. If you want to glam yourself up like a rock star, read the following tips and ideas. o Rock stars appear to be the mysterious, serious, and brooding type of guys. The reason for this is their dark hair. Dark hair gives intensity to people. Blonde hair or light hair will make a person look less intense. For guys, it might make them appear like someone who is a member of a boy band instead of a rock band. So if you have light colored hair, dye it using dark colored hair dye and it will be like girl magnet. o Leather jackets should also be a must-have in any rockstar want to-be's closet. This piece of clothing can make any guy look tough and dangerous. You will usually see rock band member sporting a stylish leather jacket and girls cannot help but swoon. Most girls are attracted to bad and tough guys. They want someone who can protect them. o If you want to look like a rock star and be swoon-worthy, get yourself some really cool and tough-looking tattoos like snakes or eagles or anything that looks tough. Do not put wimpy images or characters such as a cute poodle or a fairy. It might make you look a bit, um, feminine and they might even question your masculinity. Choose only masculine tattoos. o Have some blings. Bling blings are not just for rappers and people belonging in the hip hop subculture. These are also used by rock stars-but not as big as used by rappers. Rock stars usually use silver like necklace and rings. They also usually have piercings everywhere-in their ears, eye brows, lips, tongue, and places where you can put piercings. o Do not wear loose clothes or jeans-these are for the rappers. Usually, men wear straight cut or sometimes skinny jeans. Their t-shirts are also the same. T-shirts usually accentuates the body instead of hiding it. Rock stars also have a fondness for tattered and worn clothes and shoes. Their jeans are usually ripped in the proper places and t-shirts are sometimes cut off. They wear ratty shoes even if they can already afford to buy expensive ones. Maybe this adds depth or creativity to their personality. If you can do these things, then by all means do them. However, some guys cannot pull it off and instead appears to be trying too hard. If you think you will be uncomfortable and it will not look natural on you, then you should consider other styles. These are not the standards of how a rock star should look like. This is just the common trend now. If you have your own trend or fashion, then do what you want to do and wear whatever you feel is comfortable for you.

Revealed! The Stars' Oscar Beauty Secrets

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oscar beauty and fashion has arguably eclipsed the awards themselves, and we all love catching a glimpse of our favourite stars on the red carpet. This year's ceremony was no exception and actresses such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz wowed us with some fabulous frocks. Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard dazzled in a Jean-Paul Gaultier creation, eschewing her usual Chanel. The Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway also sparkled at the ceremony in a beautiful red one-shouldered Marchesa frock with floral detail. Cate Blanchett, nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress, accessorised her baby bump in a satin Dries Van Noten dress. However, for many of these women, red carpet glamour doesn't come naturally. Their glowing appearance on the red carpet is actually due to personal trainers, cleavage facials, intense dieting, stiletto foot surgery, under-arm botox and, of course, last-minute liposuction. David Kirsch is a Hollywood-based trainer renowned for whipping celebrities into shape. He said: "If their schedule allows, they'll come in a month beforehand, but on average it's 2-4 weeks before the big night." Before prescribing his clients an appropriate fitness regime, David will discuss the dress with them, "I want to make sure the exposed area is at its best, bearing in mind the camera will add a little weight. There can be no jiggle." David's clients include Liv Tyler, who worked out with him twice a day before last years Oscar event. If a star's schedule will not permit them to exercise, they must turn to good old-fashioned dieting. Helen Mirren confessed that she had been "dieting for a month" before one Oscar ceremony and stars have turned to increasingly bizarre ways to lose weight. Heidi Klum is thought to eat salads covered in vinegar, which suppress her appetite before an event, as well as sniffing grapefruit essence to stop her craving sugar. If stars can't lose weight naturally, they turn to last-minute liposuction. Indeed, at a recent Oscar ceremony, one TV star thought she had a bump of fat that spoiled her dress. So, rather than swap her fancy frock for another, she simply called dermatologist Dr Patricia Wexler, who said "it was easier to do a little liposuction than to fix the dress." Wexler also admits, "I have had designers demanding liposuction for an actress who didn't look as good in their gown as they wanted her to. One designer rang ten days before the Oscars complaining that it was impossible to change the dress. It was a really low-back dress and the star's waistline wasn't smooth enough. I did the lipo and by Oscar night she looked great."

Fashion Of The 1940s And Industry

Monday, July 2, 2012

The fashion industry is a cut-throat industry. Often aspiring designers can't just climb their way to the top, they have to claw their way there, and most never make it. However don't be discouraged, a handful of them do make it. I think that it would be the more career savvy decision for you to move to the United States, preferably New York City. However, the choice is yours. Montreal and Toronto are both modern, great cities that I'm sure would have plenty of opportunities. However, if you really want this, my advice would be to move to NYC. I don't really know if successful European and American designers travel to Canada to help students, but I'm sure if you enroll in a fine design school in Canada you would have some designer guests, as most schools do. The International Academy of Design and Technology (located in both Toronto and Montreal), the Ontario College of Art and Design, the Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, and the Superior Fashion School of Montreal are all great schools that you might want to look into, if you haven't already. I have no idea as to what your odds are when it comes to working with designers like Dior and Dolce and Gabbing, nobody can really determine that. It's all really a matter of how badly you want it, and how hard you are willing to work. I don't really think the five best fashion jobs in Canada differ from the five best fashion jobs in any other country. Also, I don't think anyone can determine what the five best fashion jobs are in any major country/city, as it is all just a matter of taste. Merchandising, marketing, photography, journalism....the list is endless. Fashion in Canada is nowhere near as in demand fashion is in Europe and the USA. If you want the REAL fashion industry, head to New York, Paris, or Milan. The 1940's was a very glamorous era in the history of fashion. The stars of the day that you would probably be interested in researching would be: Katharine Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, Lauren Bacall, and Humphrey Bogart. Each of these stars had a style all their own. Kate Hepburn, especially helped usher in a new style, in that she always wore slacks, she was hardly ever seen in gowns or skirts, this was extremely rare for that day, she was definitely ahead of her time. Women of the 1940's emulated what they saw on the screen. For instance, women had their eyebrows either tweezed or painted on very thin and very defined. They also wore their lipstick in what was called a "cupid's bow" which was where the upper lip was accentuated rather than the fuller, bottom lip. The hair was worn in a loose "finger wave." If you really want to see a true lady of the 1940's, I suggest you rent the movie "Chinatown," Faye Dunaway's character Evelyn really captures a woman of the 1940's. Back to clothing, silk stockings were a wardrobe staple for any 1940's woman. However, the United States was rationing silk, being in the midst of World War II. So the only silk stockings woman could get their hands on had a very noticeable line down the back of them. In order to hide this, women would take a permanent marker and draw down the back of their legs in order to hide the large run in their stockings. The basic silhouette for women from the 40's was broad shoulders, a small corseted waist and full hips. Fabrics were very light as many new synthetics were being introduced. Also, while Hollywood glamour was very 'in', the US was at war at the time, rationing was in effect and many women were not able to afford things like pantyhose and stockings. One thing women did at the time was draw a line of the back of the leg to make it look like they were wearing stockings, even if they weren't. (silk stockings had seams). Shoes had a heel and a slight platform. Round toes, peep toes and ankle straps were common. If you're looking for famous 40's women to model your look after I'd look for images of Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth or Ingrid Bergman. All had the classic '40's' look.

Emma Watson's Fashion Style So Far

Friday, June 22, 2012

Emma Watson rose to fame playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. From 2001 (and at the tender age of nine), the young starlet has literally been growing up before our eyes, and although she's proved herself as a hugely talented and critically acclaimed actress, it's her fashion sense that's really been taking centre stage recently. It was glaringly obvious from her red carpet appearances that Emma's fashion choices and style were getting better and better as the years progressed, but it was in 2008 when she really started becoming a major player in the fashion world. Not only was she popping up in all the 'best dressed' lists and in the front row of many major fashion shows, but there was a lot of speculation that she was going to replace Keira Knightley as the new face of Chanel. Despite persistent rumours linking her to Chanel, and her ubiquitous presence at international fashion shows, it was actually announced that Emma (aged just 19) had landed the contract as the new face of Burberry. Filling the shoes of Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn, she fronted the Burberry Autumn/Winter 2009 campaign and proved she could carve out a figure as a leading style icon as well as a top actress. The campaign, which was photographed by Mario Testino, features Watson in clothing from the Burberry autumn/winter collection, which was inspired by Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury set. At the time, Burberry's creative director Christopher Bailey described the young star as the "obvious choice" for the campaign, stating; "Emma has a classic beauty, a great character and a modern edge. Her charm, intellect and brilliant sense of fun made the whole shoot feel like a picnic on the Thames" Following her success in the Burberry campaign (where was reported to receive a 6 figure sum), she later appeared in the 2010 Spring/Summer campaign alongside her brother Alex. At this point in time, one wouldn't blame the actress if she chose to spend her Harry Potter afterlife as a full-time clothes horse, but instead she chose to flex her considerable fashion flair by creating a range for the ethical clothing brand People Tree. This was a savvy move - People Tree has some serious fashion cred, and up to this point clothing with a conscience had never felt quite so on trend. In February 2010 the collection was launched and Emma was quoted as saying: "It is hard to know what is good and what is bad on the high street and equally hard to find fashionable or youthful ethical clothing, so I decided to work with People Tree to put together a collection I could be proud of in terms of both ethics and design" Following her success in fashion, the star also proved she was just as hot in the beauty industry when she became the new face of LancĂ´me cosmetics in March 2011. Company president Youcef Nabi went on to gush about Emma stating; "Thanks to her charm, romanticism and her incredible modernity, she has become the icon of her generation" The actress stepped up her fashionable status just before the Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows; Part Two promotional duties recently when she graced the cover of the July 2011 edition of American Vogue. Looking all grown-up and glamorous she modelled a chic Prada Fall 2011 dress accessorized with a pair of bangles by Ben-Amun and a cute flower ring. Bagging the cover of American Vogue was a massive testament to her fashion muse status, especially when you take into consideration that the sophisticated photos were taken by the famous photographer Mario Testino and the creations came from designers Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Prada, Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana. It's important to note that she was just turning 21 on the day that American Vogue interviewed her for the scoop to accompany her first cover. Even style goddess Sienna Miller only managed her first cover at the age of 26. Since earning herself mega-star status, Emma Watson has become quite the fashionista and is admired as much for her preppy off-duty style, as she is for her polished red carpet appearances. Indeed it would seem fashion designers are clamouring to dress the star as she's just finished the promotional trail for the new Harry Potter film, wearing a range of designers from Balmain & Oscar de la Renta to Valentino and Elie Saab. Taking into account her appearance in American Vogue, her recent red-carpet outfits, & any of 2011's best-dressed lists, one fact is unmistakable: the fashion world just can't get enough of the Harry Potter star. She may have grown up in a Hogwarts uniform, but she's blossomed into everyone's favourite British starlet and looks set to become an icon.

Estate Jewelry is Ready For Teen Fashions

Sunday, June 10, 2012

If you've ever gone shopping with a teenage girl you know that teenagers can be a very picky bunch!. Their physical and mental growth has them experimenting with all kinds of fashion items to improve their image and their look. Teenage girls have a fashion statement to make too! And estate jewelry is ready for teen fashions! A teens fashion statement which includes both clothing and jewelry plays a role in their identity, how they fit, how they feel, how they blend. It has a big role on their self esteem during those developmental years. And moms and dads they don't want your input! This is a time of discovery and you can be guaranteed if you like it they'll toss the idea out the door in ten seconds or less. But that doesn't mean you can't subtly steer them. Estate jewelry and fashion jewelry are affordable choices that can work well for teens. So just gently lead them in the right direction and let them make their own discoveries. Teen girls are busy picking up clues and tips from their favorite celebrities. The celebrities that teenagers watch in their favorite music videos, movies or television show greatly influence what a teen girl will see as fashion and trendy jewelry. And these days more and more of the celebrities are choosing estate jewelry because it is unique and does make a statement of individuality. So don't be surprised if you teen finds estate jewelry attractive. These days we hear allot about hip hop jewelry trends and we see plenty of bling bling replicas on the market. Manufacturers have replaced the real diamonds and gems worn by the celebrities with cheaper stones and metals so that teen girls can have jewelry that looks much like their favorite stars but at a much more affordable price. Pierced and non pierced body jewelry has also grown in popularity. Teen girls are using it to make their fashion statement. The good news is that there's a great selection available at an affordable price so mom and dad won't go broke. Friendship bracelets hit the streets about 10 years ago and they continue to grow in popularity being one of the hottest jewelry fads for teens. Friends exchange these friendship bracelets and wear them all the time. There style can be of the most basic twist or more elaborate with beads and sparkling faux gems. Beaded jewelry is also very popular. Teens love the big and bold look of large beads and love to mix them up adding color and flare to their wardrobe. Estate jewelry is perfect for picking up a terrific mix of beaded jewelry for a very low price. And the girls love it because it is different and unique unlike the modern stuff found on the shelves. And because their favorite Celebs are choosing it, it becomes an option for them as well. Another teen fad between friends is a necklace that's similar worn by all members of the group. This identifies them as their own little clique. Their necklaces may have pendants or rings attached or just be plain.

Celebrity Fashion - Why Women Love To Dress Like Their Favorite Star

Thursday, May 17, 2012

It is no secret that women have been copying styles of the rich and famous ever since the reign of Queen Victoria. Every woman wants to feel regal, and by imitating their favorite stars by dressing like them, they too can enjoy a feeling of royalty and fame. Women are constantly re-evaluating their sense of self-worth, which most often is done through expressing themselves through the clothing they wear, the style and color of their hair, and which shade of lipstick to don, thus they look to their favorite celebrity as a sort of big sister from whom they can vicariously elicit advice on how to improve their looks. Women keep a close eye on all major red carpet events, read the latest gossip in the tabloids, watch video clips, and collect numerous photos of each and every wardrobe change or update pertaining to their favorite star. Whether it be hairstyles, seasonal fashions, jewelry, or makeup, stars have a direct influence on the wardrobe of the typical twenty-first century woman. Dressing like a star immediately improves a woman's popularity and affords an opportunity to compare herself to her peers. A woman seen dressed in an outfit that was influenced by a major celebrity figure tells others that she is well-informed, current, confident, and stylish. Recently there has been a marriage between art and fashion, most notably by the surge in popularity of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, best known for designing custom outfits for pop superstar Madonna. Other designers such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have made it possible for the average woman to be able to afford and more easily obtain a designer outfit or even a simple pair of jeans to make them feel closer to their idols. Decade after decade women have looked to the stars for fashion guidance, from Grace Kelly's full skirts of the 1950's, to Jacqueline Kennedy's pillbox hats of the 1960's, to Madonna's corsets of the 1990's. By dressing like their favorite idol, women feel more empowered and in control of themselves and can more closely relate to what is currently happening in the world around them. Celebrity inspired fashion is something that will never go away and is becoming all the more popular with reality TV shows and talent shows creating countless new celebrities to to be inspired by, meaning there is something for every woman out there to identify with and make her own.

PR for Fashion Designers

Thursday, April 12, 2012

So, you now have a number of media pitches, stories, and hooks that you can present to various media outlets that don't have a thing to do with celebrities. Using this approach, you and your fashions are the stars. This is the approach I suggest focusing on. Then after you've made your splash and established yourself through the media as a hot designer, maybe, just maybe you'll let one of those celebrities wear them. Public relations is an important marketing component for nearly any company or product, but when it comes to fashion, beauty or style an effective PR campaign is not an option, it's a necessity. Think about it, fashion and style is directly linked in our culture with celebrity and fame. When Entertainment Tonight or In Style feature the latest singing sensation or movie star, it's not just the person who is being spotlighted it's also what he or she is wearing including what bag, jewelry, blouse, pants, skirt, scarf or coat they are sporting at the time. When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt prance down the red carpet, they're not the only ones being scrutinized, the magnifying glass is also on their shoes, their blouse, the sunglasses - everything they are wearing is now suddenly in the grip of the star making machine. A fashion designer we were working with had one of her designs worn by Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson in the same week. That opened the door to the People magazines and In Style's of the world. That is a definite plus. As a designer you want celebrities to wear your clothing. It helps media-wise, there is no doubt about that. But a mistake that designers often make is that they place their primary focus on chasing down celebrities and celebrity stylists thinking that the only way to establish themselves in the world of fashion is to get the latest A, B, C (and if all else fails) D-list celebrity to wear their designs. As I mentioned, that helps, but your primary job is not to chase down Hollywood's latest flavor of the month. Your job is to create the best fashions you can. You want to develop a line that the public reacts to. The bottom line is you want your creations to be your star, not the celebrity that wears them. So, how do you do this? Here's your exercise, forget (for a bit) that celebrities exist. Put aside your desire to have the latest celeb wear your designs. For now, that approach is off the table. Now, what are your stories? What makes your designs special? Who are they created for? What are some ways that they can be used or worn that is a bit different? What are some interesting visuals that can be used when pitching your fashion story? Is there a story that has to do with how your fashions are made? Are unique materials used? Keep drilling down this way. Focus on what makes your designs unique, different or what makes them perfect for a certain target market. Now what about you? What makes your story interesting? What was your journey to become a designer? What obstacles did you have to overcome? How was your life changed by your decision to enter the world of fashion? Realize that your journey and your transformation offers you a wealth of media pitches and approaches. So, you now have a number of media pitches, stories and hooks that you can present to various media outlets that don't have a thing to do with celebrities. Using this approach, you and your fashions are the stars. This is the approach I suggest focusing on. Then after you've made your splash and established yourself through the media as a hot designer, maybe, just maybe you'll let one of those celebrities wear them.

Star Homes and Decorations

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The more successful the stars, the more curious we all are and the more fascinated we are about their homes, expecting them to live in luxurious conditions which the rest of us cannot afford. We need to find comfort and echoes in their homes and this is usually the case. Whether one is a cinema star, a fashion star, an artist or a sportsman, the fields they work in usually have a great influence upon the way they decorate their homes. However, there are also stars whose homes are characterized by balance and good taste. For instance, a star can be a calm person, who likes peace and quiet and if this is the case, you will definitely see these things in their home. There are houses which are decorated in perfect harmony, which don't let you know that they belong to very rich people and this is a proof that not all people are all about the money. However, you can see a lot of rich people who built themselves palaces made of gold and so on, just for people to see or notice how rich they really are. Unfortunately, there isn't always too much good taste there, but in the end, decorations have to do with everyone's personal taste. In fact, you usually don't see too interesting designs or elegant ones because everything is a kitsch. Some stars never see a designer to help them decorate their home and they do it on their own. Happily, this is a situation which seems to be working, but you need to be a special star, with a lot of good taste.

Lip Rings: A Fashion Statement for Today's Youth

Monday, March 5, 2012

In recent years, fashion and fashion statement has got many new aspects. With the ever-increasing new concepts and dimensions in fashion world, today's generation is accepting appealing fashion styles to be a part of mainstream. One of such most popular trend in today's youth is wearing lip rings. It not only represents a fashion statement but is also a way to express independence and attitude. Amazingly, trend of wearing lip jewelry is taking on storms in both men and women equally because perhaps, wearing lip ring goes with the fashion, lust and pleasure together. There are numerous styles and designs of lip rings available to fulfill the desire of extremely choosy youth. Many sport stars, fashion divas, film star and glamorous style icons are presenting forward the fashion of lip piercing. Lip ring types vary with respect to piercing location. Usually, a traditional lip ring gets on the bottom lip but when it comes to studs, they are well suited on the side of the lower or upper lips. 'Bites' are also famous among youth which means wearing two or more rings in a specific way. As far as the lip ring's material is concerned, it can be any of several materials but it is important that the lip stud or ring is made of superior grade material like gold, platinum, surgical steel or any AAP (Association of Professional Piercers) approved materials. Quality material lip rings decorated with diamonds, sparkles, different colours, shapes, and designs are rocking today. The trend of lip piercing is growing rapidly all over the world. They definitely make an inviting fashion statement. Quality material costs a bit more but it is certainly worth it for hygiene and health. Getting a lip pierced is not a casual decision because it comes with the probable risk factors of health and hygiene. It may cause an infection and may take time to heal completely. It comes along with the restrictions of performing some activities which can be done otherwise easily. Some jewellery types and shapes may cause damage to teeth and gums. So it is necessary to take extra care of dental and overall oral health in order to avoid unwanted irritation, deterioration and pain. Getting lips pierced is something that remains permanent. It is always advisable to take an expert's opinion and those who wear lip studs or rings. With proper care and selection of rings, this fashion beats many fashion trends undoubtedly. Finally, fashion is something that keeps changing, growing and shining. Wearing lip ring certainly makes a fashion trend in its own fantastic way.

Sexy Stereotyping - Using Fashion in a Smarter Manner

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ask any girl you know and you will soon find out that every woman has a 'fantasy guy' that she would dream of dating. The exact type of guy this is highly depends on the woman. If you're talking about a typical teenage girl, then you are probably talking about some pop or movie star. If you're talking about a modern business woman, you're probably talking some more mature successful type of man. Most women would even be able to tell you the actual name of the guy whom they secretly adore, if you have a chance to ask. Now here is where the slightly grimmer reality plays in your favor - most women know that in real life they aren't actually going to date these specific famous and well known men they dream about, as they are almost always out of reach. No (well, almost no) teenage girl would actually sit and wait until the specific rock star she admires will come in person and ask her out. Nor will she go and ask him out in turn. She knows deep inside it's just a fantasy, a stereotype she is attracted to - her 'sexy stereotype'. Now what if the girl meets the next best thing, in reality? The real life version of the sexy stereotype she is after? You would imagine this can cause quite a positive reaction and she would be eager to get to know that kind of guy. It would definitely give that guy a big head start in the dating game when it comes to meet that type of girl. This is where you step in to be that kind of guy. * Figure out the kind of girl you want to date. As written above, different girls have different men idols. * Identify the general characteristics of her fantasy man, or her so called sexy stereotype. * Be the 'next best thing in reality', as opposed to 'the best thing in fantasy' that she currently has.

The Fashionable Star of America

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time is flying; every day, every people, every country experiences different things. However, as human beings, we should not just pursue the future. Sometimes we need to slow down our steps to relax ourselves; then we can memorize some important things which we had enjoyed. Do you have some special days to commemorate? Are you willing to share it with us? As American, do you still remember what happened on January, 20th, 2009? That is a great day for Americans, especially for Obama and Michelle Obama. On January, 20th, 2009, the new America President Obama's official inauguration party was held in Washington; they were the protagonists of that party. As usual, Obama had put on his beloved parity suit, and then have you paid your attention to the dress of Michelle Obama? Wow! She was the star of that party, and she so gorgeous; and every one was shocked by her dress. She had attended the memorial significant party with the white Beautify One-Shoulder Floor-length Prom Evening Dress. Compare to the dress which was designed by Isabel Toledo at the Inauguration ceremony, this white dress made Michelle Obama look much younger, and more attractive. On the party, when the new president Obama talked with the guests, he showed his appreciation to her directly, and made a joke with the guests, "how gorgeous my wife is!", and all the people were issued to give hearty laugh by his words. The first lady Michelle Obama is good at tie-in dress. She likes dressing with mix style, so she always uses the clothes which you bought from the store to match with the clothes which was designed by her own designer. No matter where is she, she can always show us her perfect dress style. And she has great impact to the fashion world, the related information as following: 1. In the talk show "The View", as she wore a skirt which values $148, then a lot of America women tried to get that kind of skirt. 2. Since she wore the H&M skirt when she attended one important occasion, then we all understood that sometimes you can also have your own style without spending too much money. 3. After she wore the skirt which was designed by a new designer, and then this lucky designer soon becomes a newly popular star in fashion world. 4. The white Beautify One-Shoulder Floor-length Prom Evening Dress which she wore on the inauguration party was designed by the Jason Wu. After this important occasion, this designer becomes the focus of public concern immediately, and now he has expanded his own designed style. 5. On the "Tonight Show", Michelle Obama wore the shoes of J.Crew, as the result, the high-heeled shoes of this brand increased 64% on sales' aspect. Wow! Have you shocked by these great influences of Michelle Obama? Michelle Obama is not only the first lady of America, but also the fashionable star in the fashion world. If you want to be more fashionable, you may pay more attention to this great lady!

Become a Fashion Star With Chanel

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chanel Fashion is a recognized entity in the fashion world and is famous for their creative and coy Parisian presence. The latest luxury item to embrace the fashion world from their fashion house are elegant evening bags that feature a host of black leather products. Forming a unique legacy, they have been out spoken in the fashion world for several decades. They have always had a great impact at the annual 'Fashion Week' in Paris. Their collection consists of light perfumes, stylish sunglasses, weekend bags, shoulder bags and complete wardrobes for both male and females. A design soaking inspiration from culture, color and flavor of the Parisian World, Chanel is established in the market with a collection of products that have a distinctive and attractive style. Their sensual style supplements their uniqueness and makes their products "must have" pieces for everyone in the current generation. Each collection of looks similar to the ones that are mostly adopted by the fashion community worldwide. The rich prints of animals, using underwear as outerwear, pinstripe suits and usage of black in a proactive manner makes it a popular choice for most everyone. Fragrances of Chanel have a impact over most others used around the globe. In fact, the female fragrance from the Chanel house has been a past winner of the coveted 'Perfume Academy International Prize'. The uniqueness of their vision is evident through their products. It seems the products are made having real women in their mind. Clothes of Chanel are not meant for making the model look beautiful on the runways; rather their target is for all women from different cultures, lifestyles and backgrounds to enjoy wearing the fashion that has been designed by them.

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