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The Fashionable Star of America

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Time is flying; every day, every people, every country experiences different things. However, as human beings, we should not just pursue the future. Sometimes we need to slow down our steps to relax ourselves; then we can memorize some important things which we had enjoyed. Do you have some special days to commemorate? Are you willing to share it with us? As American, do you still remember what happened on January, 20th, 2009? That is a great day for Americans, especially for Obama and Michelle Obama. On January, 20th, 2009, the new America President Obama's official inauguration party was held in Washington; they were the protagonists of that party. As usual, Obama had put on his beloved parity suit, and then have you paid your attention to the dress of Michelle Obama? Wow! She was the star of that party, and she so gorgeous; and every one was shocked by her dress. She had attended the memorial significant party with the white Beautify One-Shoulder Floor-length Prom Evening Dress. Compare to the dress which was designed by Isabel Toledo at the Inauguration ceremony, this white dress made Michelle Obama look much younger, and more attractive. On the party, when the new president Obama talked with the guests, he showed his appreciation to her directly, and made a joke with the guests, "how gorgeous my wife is!", and all the people were issued to give hearty laugh by his words. The first lady Michelle Obama is good at tie-in dress. She likes dressing with mix style, so she always uses the clothes which you bought from the store to match with the clothes which was designed by her own designer. No matter where is she, she can always show us her perfect dress style. And she has great impact to the fashion world, the related information as following: 1. In the talk show "The View", as she wore a skirt which values $148, then a lot of America women tried to get that kind of skirt. 2. Since she wore the H&M skirt when she attended one important occasion, then we all understood that sometimes you can also have your own style without spending too much money. 3. After she wore the skirt which was designed by a new designer, and then this lucky designer soon becomes a newly popular star in fashion world. 4. The white Beautify One-Shoulder Floor-length Prom Evening Dress which she wore on the inauguration party was designed by the Jason Wu. After this important occasion, this designer becomes the focus of public concern immediately, and now he has expanded his own designed style. 5. On the "Tonight Show", Michelle Obama wore the shoes of J.Crew, as the result, the high-heeled shoes of this brand increased 64% on sales' aspect. Wow! Have you shocked by these great influences of Michelle Obama? Michelle Obama is not only the first lady of America, but also the fashionable star in the fashion world. If you want to be more fashionable, you may pay more attention to this great lady!

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