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Sexy Stereotyping - Using Fashion in a Smarter Manner

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ask any girl you know and you will soon find out that every woman has a 'fantasy guy' that she would dream of dating. The exact type of guy this is highly depends on the woman. If you're talking about a typical teenage girl, then you are probably talking about some pop or movie star. If you're talking about a modern business woman, you're probably talking some more mature successful type of man. Most women would even be able to tell you the actual name of the guy whom they secretly adore, if you have a chance to ask. Now here is where the slightly grimmer reality plays in your favor - most women know that in real life they aren't actually going to date these specific famous and well known men they dream about, as they are almost always out of reach. No (well, almost no) teenage girl would actually sit and wait until the specific rock star she admires will come in person and ask her out. Nor will she go and ask him out in turn. She knows deep inside it's just a fantasy, a stereotype she is attracted to - her 'sexy stereotype'. Now what if the girl meets the next best thing, in reality? The real life version of the sexy stereotype she is after? You would imagine this can cause quite a positive reaction and she would be eager to get to know that kind of guy. It would definitely give that guy a big head start in the dating game when it comes to meet that type of girl. This is where you step in to be that kind of guy. * Figure out the kind of girl you want to date. As written above, different girls have different men idols. * Identify the general characteristics of her fantasy man, or her so called sexy stereotype. * Be the 'next best thing in reality', as opposed to 'the best thing in fantasy' that she currently has.

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