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Rock Star Fashion 101

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Have you ever wanted to be a rockstar like Chris Cornell, Bono, or Dave Grohl? Of course you have. Who doesn't? Rock stars have lifestyles that most people envy. They have everything a guy could want-fame, wheels, and swooning girls. You already have your own rockstar band but you still do not have a group of adoring fans. Maybe you still have not considered one very important thing that makes rockstars popular among the female population-the rockstar fashion. If you want to glam yourself up like a rock star, read the following tips and ideas. o Rock stars appear to be the mysterious, serious, and brooding type of guys. The reason for this is their dark hair. Dark hair gives intensity to people. Blonde hair or light hair will make a person look less intense. For guys, it might make them appear like someone who is a member of a boy band instead of a rock band. So if you have light colored hair, dye it using dark colored hair dye and it will be like girl magnet. o Leather jackets should also be a must-have in any rockstar want to-be's closet. This piece of clothing can make any guy look tough and dangerous. You will usually see rock band member sporting a stylish leather jacket and girls cannot help but swoon. Most girls are attracted to bad and tough guys. They want someone who can protect them. o If you want to look like a rock star and be swoon-worthy, get yourself some really cool and tough-looking tattoos like snakes or eagles or anything that looks tough. Do not put wimpy images or characters such as a cute poodle or a fairy. It might make you look a bit, um, feminine and they might even question your masculinity. Choose only masculine tattoos. o Have some blings. Bling blings are not just for rappers and people belonging in the hip hop subculture. These are also used by rock stars-but not as big as used by rappers. Rock stars usually use silver like necklace and rings. They also usually have piercings everywhere-in their ears, eye brows, lips, tongue, and places where you can put piercings. o Do not wear loose clothes or jeans-these are for the rappers. Usually, men wear straight cut or sometimes skinny jeans. Their t-shirts are also the same. T-shirts usually accentuates the body instead of hiding it. Rock stars also have a fondness for tattered and worn clothes and shoes. Their jeans are usually ripped in the proper places and t-shirts are sometimes cut off. They wear ratty shoes even if they can already afford to buy expensive ones. Maybe this adds depth or creativity to their personality. If you can do these things, then by all means do them. However, some guys cannot pull it off and instead appears to be trying too hard. If you think you will be uncomfortable and it will not look natural on you, then you should consider other styles. These are not the standards of how a rock star should look like. This is just the common trend now. If you have your own trend or fashion, then do what you want to do and wear whatever you feel is comfortable for you.

Revealed! The Stars' Oscar Beauty Secrets

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Oscar beauty and fashion has arguably eclipsed the awards themselves, and we all love catching a glimpse of our favourite stars on the red carpet. This year's ceremony was no exception and actresses such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz wowed us with some fabulous frocks. Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard dazzled in a Jean-Paul Gaultier creation, eschewing her usual Chanel. The Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway also sparkled at the ceremony in a beautiful red one-shouldered Marchesa frock with floral detail. Cate Blanchett, nominated for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress, accessorised her baby bump in a satin Dries Van Noten dress. However, for many of these women, red carpet glamour doesn't come naturally. Their glowing appearance on the red carpet is actually due to personal trainers, cleavage facials, intense dieting, stiletto foot surgery, under-arm botox and, of course, last-minute liposuction. David Kirsch is a Hollywood-based trainer renowned for whipping celebrities into shape. He said: "If their schedule allows, they'll come in a month beforehand, but on average it's 2-4 weeks before the big night." Before prescribing his clients an appropriate fitness regime, David will discuss the dress with them, "I want to make sure the exposed area is at its best, bearing in mind the camera will add a little weight. There can be no jiggle." David's clients include Liv Tyler, who worked out with him twice a day before last years Oscar event. If a star's schedule will not permit them to exercise, they must turn to good old-fashioned dieting. Helen Mirren confessed that she had been "dieting for a month" before one Oscar ceremony and stars have turned to increasingly bizarre ways to lose weight. Heidi Klum is thought to eat salads covered in vinegar, which suppress her appetite before an event, as well as sniffing grapefruit essence to stop her craving sugar. If stars can't lose weight naturally, they turn to last-minute liposuction. Indeed, at a recent Oscar ceremony, one TV star thought she had a bump of fat that spoiled her dress. So, rather than swap her fancy frock for another, she simply called dermatologist Dr Patricia Wexler, who said "it was easier to do a little liposuction than to fix the dress." Wexler also admits, "I have had designers demanding liposuction for an actress who didn't look as good in their gown as they wanted her to. One designer rang ten days before the Oscars complaining that it was impossible to change the dress. It was a really low-back dress and the star's waistline wasn't smooth enough. I did the lipo and by Oscar night she looked great."

Fashion Of The 1940s And Industry

Monday, July 2, 2012

The fashion industry is a cut-throat industry. Often aspiring designers can't just climb their way to the top, they have to claw their way there, and most never make it. However don't be discouraged, a handful of them do make it. I think that it would be the more career savvy decision for you to move to the United States, preferably New York City. However, the choice is yours. Montreal and Toronto are both modern, great cities that I'm sure would have plenty of opportunities. However, if you really want this, my advice would be to move to NYC. I don't really know if successful European and American designers travel to Canada to help students, but I'm sure if you enroll in a fine design school in Canada you would have some designer guests, as most schools do. The International Academy of Design and Technology (located in both Toronto and Montreal), the Ontario College of Art and Design, the Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology, and the Superior Fashion School of Montreal are all great schools that you might want to look into, if you haven't already. I have no idea as to what your odds are when it comes to working with designers like Dior and Dolce and Gabbing, nobody can really determine that. It's all really a matter of how badly you want it, and how hard you are willing to work. I don't really think the five best fashion jobs in Canada differ from the five best fashion jobs in any other country. Also, I don't think anyone can determine what the five best fashion jobs are in any major country/city, as it is all just a matter of taste. Merchandising, marketing, photography, journalism....the list is endless. Fashion in Canada is nowhere near as in demand fashion is in Europe and the USA. If you want the REAL fashion industry, head to New York, Paris, or Milan. The 1940's was a very glamorous era in the history of fashion. The stars of the day that you would probably be interested in researching would be: Katharine Hepburn, Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Spencer Tracy, Vivien Leigh, Judy Garland, Cary Grant, Lauren Bacall, and Humphrey Bogart. Each of these stars had a style all their own. Kate Hepburn, especially helped usher in a new style, in that she always wore slacks, she was hardly ever seen in gowns or skirts, this was extremely rare for that day, she was definitely ahead of her time. Women of the 1940's emulated what they saw on the screen. For instance, women had their eyebrows either tweezed or painted on very thin and very defined. They also wore their lipstick in what was called a "cupid's bow" which was where the upper lip was accentuated rather than the fuller, bottom lip. The hair was worn in a loose "finger wave." If you really want to see a true lady of the 1940's, I suggest you rent the movie "Chinatown," Faye Dunaway's character Evelyn really captures a woman of the 1940's. Back to clothing, silk stockings were a wardrobe staple for any 1940's woman. However, the United States was rationing silk, being in the midst of World War II. So the only silk stockings woman could get their hands on had a very noticeable line down the back of them. In order to hide this, women would take a permanent marker and draw down the back of their legs in order to hide the large run in their stockings. The basic silhouette for women from the 40's was broad shoulders, a small corseted waist and full hips. Fabrics were very light as many new synthetics were being introduced. Also, while Hollywood glamour was very 'in', the US was at war at the time, rationing was in effect and many women were not able to afford things like pantyhose and stockings. One thing women did at the time was draw a line of the back of the leg to make it look like they were wearing stockings, even if they weren't. (silk stockings had seams). Shoes had a heel and a slight platform. Round toes, peep toes and ankle straps were common. If you're looking for famous 40's women to model your look after I'd look for images of Veronica Lake, Rita Hayworth or Ingrid Bergman. All had the classic '40's' look.

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