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Lucky Star Summer Uniform Helps You Show Eccentric Cuteness

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Undeniably, Japanese school uniforms lead a special trend on the fashion stage to form a tasteful aesthetic tendency. Lucky Star Summer uniform and winter uniform sets a classic pattern with respect to school uniform fashion rooted in Japanese culture. Lucky Star was something of a smash hit when it came out among both Japanese and Western fans alike. Therefore, today's Cosplay Sunday entry gets to pay homage to this still popular anime franchise. Then get some inspirations from cosplay trend with Lucky Star Summer Uniform! As we know Japanese high school uniform gives us a nice vision - still curve-flattering but formally cute for a distinctive vigorous look. This does make sense on Lucky Star summer uniform. This uniform is spotted with a nice white and deep blue shirt as well as a blue skirt. The rich blue details cover the exaggerated square collar as well as the cuffs of short sleeves. The shutter styled pleated knee length skirt sees also white linear details to echo the upper look. Also there is a bright yellow bow tie as the spotlight to accent the cute look. Usually, there is a pair of white knee high stockings and a pair of matching shoes to finish the look. The intriguing storyline of the Lucky Star revolves around the main four characters: Konata Izumi, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami hiiragi, and Miyuki Takata. Konata Izumi, or "Kona-Chan" for short, is kind of by default the leader of the main gaggle of girls, despite her being the shortest of the lot by more than a fair margin. Kind of eccentric but balanced out by being both friendly and outgoing, this girl can be more than a little mischievous and is blessed with quite a good sense of humor. Many Lucky Star fans really love this girl, who is smart but always occupied with video game and likes to study only before the exam. As such, Konata is the queen of all-nighters, something her grades tend to show up more often than not. Her comic friendship with other three main characters, Tsukasa Hiiragi, Kagami Hiiragi, Miyuki Takata, seems gives off an intriguing storyline of this series. However, every role is designed to embody vivid richness in personality and appearances. Thus there comes endless fun for wearing the Lucky Star summer uniform to be one of them.

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